Clearidium is a full service anti-doping provider

Clearidium is an innovative Danish anti-doping service provider with a focus on program development, test collection and result management of WADA defined anti-doping tests on elite level athletes based on our ongoing research and development.

Clearidiums core expertise is collection and transportation of WADA defined blood and urine anti-doping tests. Clearidium conduct out-of-competition and in-competition tests on a worldwide basis.

Clearidium has all the market knowledge combined with the medical, technical and commercial competences needed in order to address a wide range of clients and their specific needs i.e.: IF’s, WADA, IOC, NADO’s, countries without a NADO and Sport Event Organizers.

Contracts can be signed on a single event basis or for a longer period of time i.e. from half a year to several years. Clearidium is very flexible and is most willing to address and fulfill any specific and unique needs concerning anti-doping services.


Clearidium A/S
Knabrostraede 20, 1
DK-1210 Copenhagen K

Phone: +45 3026 1611
Mail: info@clearidium.com
Web: www.clearidium.com

Company No. 3255 3869