Clearidium is an international anti-doping collection provider collecting blood and urine samples in 30+ sports and 50+ countries

The Head office is based in Denmark. Thanks to our clients it has been necessary to form a sister company, Clearidium North America, in Colorado USA. Clearidium and its staff are ISO 9001:2015 accredited which secure that anti-doping samples are collected in accordance with WADA guidelines in the same manner no matter if tests are collected in Norway, in the Philippines or in Italy.

Integrity is our core value. As C.S. Lewis writes:

“Integrity is doing the right thing. Even when no one is watching”

It is an obvious value but unfortunately, not always followed. Thus, our DCOs and BCOs are meticulously trained in not only WADA procedures but also in our internal rules and guidelines so our staff is always following “best practice” in whatever situation they might find themselves in.

That being said, we have realized that the best DCOs and BCOs are recruited from the Health Care system. Most of our DCOs and BCOs are nurses and doctors having more than 100+ collections a year each. This ensures highly professional anti-doping staff with unique human and technical skills.

The athletes are the ones benefiting from our system of professional and skilled staff. We know how to act 06:00 in the morning requesting a sample collection at a private location anywhere in the world. We know how defuse the intense atmosphere at the finish line of a World Cup at which no. 1-4 and two random in top ten must be notified in a chaos of athletes, media, athlete entourage and officials.

No matter what the situation is, our aim is that the athlete writes: “Best Test Ever” in the “Comments Section” of the DCF at every test we conduct. If they don’t write it, it is fine if they at least say it or think it!


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