ISO 9001

ISO Certifications

All subcontractors and products used by Clearidium are ISO 9001 certified.

In order to secure Clearidium processes and to make sure that all Clearidium test collections are of the highest quality, we decided to develop and implement a quality management system based on the inter-national standard for quality systems, ISO 9001.

Our reasons for the ISO 9001 certification were:

• Independent proof for high quality
• To be inspired and challenged to continuously developing our quality

We initiated our ISO 9001 project primo 2013 and by December 2013 we had all our documents approved by our Certification partner.

After the documentation had been approved, we made an ambitious implementation plan; to be ready for the final certification by the end of Q1 in 2014. In mid-January we realized that we well ahead of schedule and we therefore decided to have the certification audit on the 28th of February. The certification audit went smooth and the external auditor found no non-conformances.

I am therefore very proud to announce that Clearidium has been certified after the international quality standard ISO 9001.

Attaining the ISO 9001 certificate is an important step for Clearidium in developing our company through the quality management system but far from the last step. Our immediate focus now is:

• Streamline the communication and reporting of test collections between the DCO’s, Clearidium and our clients
• Refining our DCO’s competence and integrity so their performance can never be questioned and is always fully respected by the athletes and our clients
• Paperless testing environment

We believe that our ISO 9001 certification has confirmed Clearidium as an essential and serious anti-doping test collection partner for all the Anti-Doping Authorities around the world. Our vision is to con-stantly improve anti-doping tests collection planning and procedures to the benefit of our clients and their athletes around the world.


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