Clearidium has a highly developed internal quality control system

In order to guarantee our customers the highest quality in all of our Anti-Doping deliveries, we have developed an extensive internal Quality Control procedure.

  • First of all Clearidium has a vast set of manual quality control routines used and signed off by the DCO and BCO before, during and after each test session. This enables Clearidium to guarantee, that the “chain of custody” is never broken.
  • Secondly Clearidium only conducts anti-doping tests by the presence of minimum 2 persons, which are constantly double checking each others work making sure, that everything is done according to the rules, procedures and guidelines.
  • Further Clearidium operates with a Quality Control Officer who unannounced is visiting the DCO/BCO’s during a test session, monitoring that the procedures are followed, the manual work is done correctly and the behaviour of the staff is spotless.
  • Finally as many of the processes and procedures as possible are automated and computerised in order to minimize potential mistakes.


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