Quality is the key to success

Supreme quality is Clearidium’s number one priority and is the foundation off everything we do and deliver. Clearidium might not be the cheapest anti-doping service provider – in the short run. But in a longer perspective, it is our experience, that high quality solutions will provide the customer with significant savings – economically and time wise.

Clearidiums business processes and standards are well documented and are complying with WADA’s latest World Anti-Doping Code and the underlying WADA Guideline, “International Standard for Testing, January 2009”.

Our medical test kits (Berlinger) and other products are manufactured by carefully selected European quality medico suppliers, all of which are ISO 9002 certified and in compliance with WADA Codes and Guidelines.

Our logistic system ensures, that all tests will be delivered according to the specifications put forward by our customer. If needed Clearidium can deliver test samples to WADA accredited laboratories in due time under correct temperature conditions.

We constantly strive for the highest customer satisfaction – from the athletes being tested to our customer (organisation) receiving the final report. Regularly an online questionnaire about our services will be filled out by the customers and evaluated by us, so that we continuously can improve our service quality. We simply want to be the best and most efficient anti-doping service provider possible.


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