Clearidium offers competent interpretation of results

Clearidium offers interpretation of the test results of blood and urine analyses performed by the WADA accredited laboratories.

The construction of individual athlete blood and urine profiles provides the Client with a real-time picture of the fluctuations in the measured variables. Clearidium will provide the Client with an on-line anti-doping database that automatically constructs and calculates relevant results based on acknowledged anti-doping scientific algorithms.

If preferred, Clearidium will enter data into the database immediately upon arrival of the results from the WADA accredited laboratories.

Fluctuations exceeding established WADA limits or the appearance of sudden suspicious changes will be immediate detected by the database and proper follow-up testing can be conducted.

Clearidium also offers anti-doping expert assistance in i.e. the preparation of legal documents based on compiled anti-doping data to be presented either in front of an anti-doping panel or the International Court of Sport (CAS).

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