Clearidium is an expert in conducting WADA defined blood and urine anti-doping tests on a global basis.

Clearidium conducts the full range of WADA defined blood and urine anti-doping tests both in and out of competition on a worldwide basis. The Clearidium test team consists of one Doping Control Officers (DCO’s) and one Blood Collecting Officer (BCO), which is a professional phlebotomist. Clearidiums staff has undergone special education and training in order to collect blood and urine tests imposing a minimum of stress to the athlete.

The Clearidium test teams can be perform “out of competition” tests anytime and anywhere in the world. Further Clearidium can send test teams to events and competitions anywhere in the world in order to coordinate in competition anti-doping controls. If the client does not want to arrange the anti-doping control routines, timing and practical setup, this can be outsourced to Clearidium. In this case we will develop and implement the necessary test plans and organize the relevant logistic setup.

Clearidium will do the necessary test planning through ADAMS or relevant Whereabouts information provided by the client, so that Clearidium can test the athlete anywhere at any given time without prior notice. In addition, Clearidium will provide the Client with all relevant test documents in accordance with the guidelines outlined by WADA and the International Standards for Testing or the client.

When the tests are safely collected and the paperwork is done, Clearidium ships the tests to a WADA accredited laboratory. When transporting blood samples it is paramount, that the temperature is kept strictly within 2-12 degrees Celsius and the time before delivery to the laboratory does not exceed 30 hours. The Clearidium staff and our courier subcontractors have the appropriate education, experience and logistics required to accomplish this task.

Clearidium will furnish the Client with a sample collection report immediately after sample collection electronically or ideally by direct entry of information by the DCO into ADAMS.

All test management processes at Clearidium complies with or exceeds the WADA’s latest World Anti-Doping Codes i.e. Athlete Biological Passport – Operating Guidelines and compilation of mandatory annexes as maintained and amended from time to time by WADA as well as the International Standard for Testing.

Contracts can be signed on a single event basis or for a longer period of time.

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