Clearidium is operating under strict ethical principals

Working as a anti-doping services provider requires strict ethical internal guidelines in order to secure the highest level of professionalisme, independence and objectivity. Therefore Clearidium has developed the following internal ethical framework:

  • Clearidium provide the highest standard of employee training, practical working experience and the ability to treat athletes with the greatest respect and trust, without prejudice to Clearidiums responsibility concerning the WADA Code and other anti-doping regulations.
  • Before, during and after each test mission Clearidium operates with the highest standards in terms of professionalism and practical skills within the medical and administrative test responsabillities.
  • Clearidium and our staff are independent and objective in all respects. Clearidium has no legal, professional or economic interests which may conflict with the duties which are undertakens by the company.
  • The well-being of the athlete is of highest priority and Clearidium always try to arrange a test, so that it minimizes the affect of the athlete's daily routines.
  • Clearidium seeks to counter the athlete's cultural and linguistic background. Therefore Clearidium is having a broad and multi ethnic team of test consultants.
  • Clearidium seeks to use the shortest possible time from the test being conducted, till the analysis is undertaken at a WADA certified lab
  • Clearidium undertakes not to associate itself in any way with, or participate in any way in activities, which are incompatible with the customers interests and the relevant anti-doping organisations in general.
  • Services are always being conducted in full and uncompromising compliance with the Anti-Doping Codes and Rules and the International Standard for Testing maintained by WADA.
  • Clearidium want to accommodate the environment as much as possible through optimization of the company’s major environmentally damaging consumption such as travel, electricity and paper etc.


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